Tuesday, 26 December 2006



The SWITCH TO Partition fails when we perform a swith from non-partitioned table to partitioned table even though the same constraint exists on the partitioned column for both the tables


The solution to the problem can be explained using the below example

/* Partition Function */

/* Partition Scheme */

/* Partition Table */
CREATE TABLE [dbo].[TestPartition]
( [PurchaseOrderID] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL, [EmployeeID] [int] NULL)
ON [IdentiferPFN]([EmployeeID])

ALTER TABLE [dbo].[TestPartition] WITH CHECK ADD CONSTRAINT [CChk] CHECK (([employeeid]>=(0)))
ALTER TABLE [dbo].[TestPartition] WITH CHECK ADD CONSTRAINT [CChk1] CHECK (([employeeid]<=(100)))

/* Non Partition Table */

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[TestPartitionSwitch]
( [PurchaseOrderID] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL, [EmployeeID] [INT] NULL)
ALTER TABLE [dbo].[TestPartitionSwitch] WITH CHECK ADD CONSTRAINT [Chk] CHECK (([employeeid]>=(0)))
ALTER TABLE [dbo].[TestPartitionSwitch] WITH CHECK ADD CONSTRAINT [Chk1] CHECK (([EMPLOYEEID]<=(100)))

/* Swith the data from Partition table to non Parition table */
ALTER TABLE TestPartitionSwitchSWITCH TO TestPartition PARTITION 1

/* Swith the data back to Partition table */
ALTER TABLE TestPartitionSWITCH PARTITION 1 TO TestPartitionSwitch

This switch back statement will throw an error saying

"ALTER TABLE SWITCH statement failed. Check constraints or partition function of source table 'PARTITIONTEST.dbo.TestPartitionSwitch' allows values that are not allowed by check constraints or partition function on target table'PARTITIONTEST.dbo.TestPartition'."

This problem can be solved by modifying the constriaint to include the NOT NULL check on the partition column "EmployeeID" as below.

ALTER TABLE [dbo].[TestPartitionSwitch] WITH CHECK ADD CONSTRAINT [Chk] CHECK (([employeeid]>=(0) AND [employeeid] IS NOT NULL))
ALTER TABLE [dbo].[TestPartitionSwitch] WITH CHECK ADD CONSTRAINT [Chk1] CHECK (([EMPLOYEEID]<=(100) AND [employeeid] IS NOT NULL))

A NULL in partition column would satisfy the check constraint but fall outside of the target partition.Changing the nullablility of the columns or asserting not null in the constraint resolves the issue thats the trcik.


Anonymous said...


Just saying hello while I read through the posts

hopefully this is just what im looking for, looks like i have a lot to read.

ravinder said...

good job! well explained about the fact in bold that we need to add a constraint PLUS NOT NULL.

Anonymous said...

Great, posted in 2006 and helped me 6 years later.. thanks

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Paul Amarante said...

Great, it worked, did this so long ago, forgot the steps, nice work, thanks so much.

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