Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Easy Steps for Upgrading to SQL Server 2005

Detach the Database from SQL Server 2000 server and attach to SQL Server 2005 server/Back Up and restore.

Once the Database is restored perform the following steps to make sure the Upgrade process is done perfect.

Update statistics - To help optimize query performance, update statistics on all databases following upgrade. Use the sp_updatestats stored procedure to update statistics in user-defined tables in SQL Server 2005 databases.
Update usage counters - In earlier versions of SQL Server, the values for the table and index row counts and page counts can become incorrect. To correct any invalid row or page counts, we recommend that you run DBCC UPDATEUSAGE on all databases following upgrade.
Change Database Compatibility – Change the Database compatibility level to SQL SERVER 2005 (90)
Configure your new SQL Server installation - To reduce the attackable surface area of a system, SQL Server 2005 selectively installs and activates key services and features. Change the surface area configuration as required. For more information on how to activate SQL Server 2005 features, see SQL Server Surface Area Configuration.

The following check list should be verified before Installing / Upgrading to SQL Server 2005

  • Review Hardware and Software Requirements for Installing SQL Server 2005.
  • Review Check Parameters for the System Configuration Checker.
  • Review Security Considerations for a SQL Server Installation.
  • Review Using Upgrade Advisor to Prepare for Upgrades.
  • Review SQL Server 2005 Database Engine Backward Compatibility.
  • Back up all SQL Server database files from the instance to be upgraded, so you can completely restore them, if necessary.
  • Run the appropriate Database Console Commands (DBCC) on databases to be upgraded to ensure they are in a consistent state.
  • Estimate the disk space required to upgrade SQL Server components, as well as user databases. For disk space required by SQL Server 2005 components, see Hardware and Software Requirements for Installing SQL Server 2005.
  • Ensure that existing SQL Server system databases - master, model, msdb, and tempdb - are configured to autogrow, and ensure that they have adequate hard disk space.
  • Ensure that all database servers have logon information in the master database. This is important for restoring a database, as system logon information resides in master.
  • Disable all startup stored procedures, as the upgrade process will stop and start services on the SQL Server instance being upgraded. Stored procedures processed at startup time may block the upgrade process.
  • Stop Replication and make sure that the replication log is empty.
  • Quit all applications, including all services with SQL Server dependencies. Upgrade may fail if local applications are connected to the instance being upgraded.


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